Award winning photographic artist Pete Caluori, derives his inspiration from the world around him. Born and raised in the northeastern United States, he now lives in the west and is in love with the natural beauty that has not yet succumbed to industrial man. His photography is a reflection of that love and is represented in a myriad of historical photographic processes, which is one of the reasons he doesn’t describe himself as a photographer.
In order to fulfill his vision, Pete uses many different cameras from ULF (ultra large format – commonly regarded as any camera larger than 8x10) to digital. His absolute favorite formats are 8x20, 8x10 and 6x17.     more
As a handcrafted process, Van Dyke prints offer a unique look and an alternative form of expression. The Van Dyke Process originated in the late 1800’s during the early days of photography and it is carried on today.          more